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Beechcraft 35-C33

1977 beechcraft corp. bonanza A36

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Beechcraft 35-C33

TT : 5545
Engine : IO470K - 220HP
Engine hours to run : 350

Prop : CSU - McCauley 2136C
Prop to run : 1255 (on ne

Beautiful Beechcraft Debonair for Sale.

IFR Equipped & Maintained.

Excellent versatile aircraft suits multiple missions.

Comfortable, Fast and Economical - cruise in comfort at 150 Knots burning 43 litres per hour with 65% power. If you prefer a leisurely flight enjoying the view, set to 45% power, and still get along at over 120 Knots using only 31 litres per hour.

Furthermore, there is even a MOGAS STC available for this aircraft model if desired.

Absolute delight to fly.

For full details and pics see:

Do not hesitate to contact me if you would like any further information.
Interior Condition : 8/10
Exterior Condition : 8/10
Contact : David Hill
Location : Castle Hill, NSW
Telephone number : 0473350239
Asking Price : $105,000 Plus GST (O
Advertisement Posted : July 2015

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